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The Slashbuster is an attachment that fits onto an articulated arm and turns a normal crane into a monster than can carve a house up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Remember: while destroying things is fun, doing it quickly is the fastest way to get paid if it’s your job.

One look at the Slashbuster leaves no doubt that a one man wrecking crew could take down an entire building in under 30 minutes. The attachment itself is a rotating disc with teeth and a debris guard that protects bystanders and operators from flying bits of building. Think weed eater, only scaled up to house size.

SlashBuster [Official Website]


2 Responses to The SlashBuster

  1. There are a lot of cool videos of the Slashbuster on the site, but you absolutely have to check out the video of it destroying a minivan. This thing chews through the minivan like it was a paper bag. Amazingly, there is hardly any wear on the teeth afterward.

    On Youtube.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVpxN1D5d6U
    On the videos page: http://www.slashbuster.com/videos.htm

  2. Bowen says:

    Someone has been watching Robot Wars/Battlebots, haven’t they?

    Long live Hypnodisc!

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