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Picture of the Big Stick

Why toil removing ugly ’70s tile on the kitchen floor with a normal floor scraper when you can tear that s#!$ out quicker with a power tool? Powered by an air compressor, this chisel scaler delivers 3,500 blows per minute to speed up the removal of flooring, roofing, concrete, hardened deposits, and yes even ice. The Big Stick is the most powerful chisel scaler EDCO offers.

The heavy-duty steel version of the Big Stick weighs in at a hefty 24-1/2 pounds. But if that’s too much for you, EDCO also offers a lightweight aluminum version. The Big Stick also features a high-strength tubular handle with foam grips to help keep your eyes from vibrating out of their sockets. Inside is an extra large piston for harder-hitting action. Big Stick accessories fit into a quick-change, hardened steel chuck.

Driving this demolition machine requires a big compressor — one that can deliver 12 to 15 CFM at 90 PSI. And since this tool exceeds 92 dB(A) — yeah, it’s loud — hearing protection isn’t optional. Steel toe boots are also recommended, lest you accidentally remove a digit.

Available accessories includes 2″ and 3″ wide forged chisels and a 6″ scraper. Sold at Amazon for $1,300, the versatile Big Stick is sure to make quick work of that kitchen demo project — but it’s a bit expensive for clearing your driveway after the next big ice storm. For that I’d recommend this air scraper from Harbor Freight instead.

The Big Stick
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4 Responses to Speak Softly And Carry The Big Stick

  1. Yuppers says:

    I bet you could make your own by mounting an air hammer to a pole with a remote valve. It might not be as strong but definetly more cost effective.

  2. SlowJoeCrow says:

    You should check out some of Edco’s other stuff too. Not much for demo but every conceivable concrete surface tool, scabblers, planers grinders, you name it.

  3. Kurt says:

    The normal price for the air scraper from HF is about a tenth of the cost of this. I can’t see too many casual DIYers getting this thing. I’m more likely to buy the jack hammer.

  4. Yeah I know there are much more economical air scrapers/chisel scalers, but this was the baddest and the best named. On the scale of break @#$% faster and break @#$% more cheaply, this definitely falls on the break @#$% faster side.

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