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This time of year there’s a nip in the air that makes a roaring fire that much more satisfying. But like all worthwhile tasks, you need the proper tool to do it right: the Wild Bill Fire Poker. It’s excellent for campfire management, and beats the hell out of searching the yard or camp site for the perfect stick.

The Wild Bill Poker weighs 2-1/2 pounds and is 52″ long — long enough to keep your arm hair from getting singed off, but short enough to provide good leverage for stoking the fire and turning logs. It’s basically a 36″ hardwood handle with a sturdy 16″ steel prong on the opposite end.

It’s handmade in Wisconsin and even has a laser etched logo on the handle. Bill himself seems to be selling this via his site — for $24.95 plus $10.50 shipping.

Wild Bill Fire Poker [Official Site]


2 Responses to Wild Bill’s Poker

  1. Simon says:

    Or if you are cheap, this Swedish device makes any stick into a skewer:

  2. Margaret says:

    Is this available anymore, I have one getting worn out had for so long can’t remember where I got it

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