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Ingersoll Rand is well known for their line of pro-level pneumatic tools. But they’ve made a name for themselves with impact drivers of all types. So when these guys come out with a line of cordless tools that includes high-powered wrenches and ratchets as well as drills and grinders – we noticed.

Their new IQv Series is designed around the latest battery technologies, and incorporating microprocessors that allow the tools to use universal batteries in a way to optimize power delivery. The series also incorporates universal chargers that work with both NiCd and li-ion chemistries.

Ingersoll Rand claims they put the series through extensive drop testing, the result of which was the addition of a steel reinforced structure to beef up the housings — which, by the way, are made of an engineered composite material that resists chemicals and fluids that could ruin regular old ABS housings.

Even the batteries have microprocessors embedded. Their BT-IQv Battery Analyzer (shown below) actually allows you to hook your computer to the batteries via USB, and their software will perform diagnostics to help you extend the life of your batteries. When was the last time you downloaded a firmware update for your tools’ batteries?


The full line includes three impact wrenches (1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2″), two drills (1/4” and 1/2″), two ratchets (3/8” and 1/2”), a task light, two grinders (straight and right angle), a cut-off tool, two types of batteries (Li-ion and Ni-Cd) in three voltages each (7.2v, 14.4v, and 19.2v), and a universal charger, plus the software mentioned above.

Prices vary – but expect to pay anywhere from under $100 for the task light or the smaller impact wrenches to about $200 for the larger 1/2” impact wrench with the larger battery.

Their warranty is also quite generous: once you register your tool, you get a one-year hassle-free tool or charger replacement, a two-year or 1,000 charge warranty on the batteries, and a three-year limited warranty on tool and charger. The warranty also includes a program where you can have a new tool delivered to your doorstep in 48-72 hours.

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