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This pocket book is a great resource for anyone working in a shop. It’s designed for metal workers and machinists, but the information contained within comes in handy in lots of situations. Best of all, it’s durable enough to survive in a shop environment, and every page is coated in a glare-free laminate that resists tearing and won’t get all filthy.

Inside there’s a wealth of practical information like conversion tables, hardening and tempering information, engineering frawing standards, tolerances, bolt and nut standards, and keys and keyway standards. You’ll also find the weights of metals, tapping drill sizes, and lots, lots more.

Street pricing starts around $20.

Engineer’s Black Book [Corporate Site – still under construction]
Engineer’s Black Book [Reid Supply Company]


11 Responses to The Engineer’s Black Book

  1. Rick says:

    looks like a nice reference! If you are looking for a good engineering reference check out Marks’ Standard Handbook. It is pretty much every text book engineers have ever and could ever use condensed into one nice book. It is definitely not designed for the shop enviorment. But if you need a quick reference for tap sizes, stainless steel properties, and the math behind a turbocharger all in one, check it out. I have one on my desk, I rarely need it, but it is there if I do.

  2. joel says:

    How does this compare to the Machinery’s Handbook? Looks like probably a lighter version, and about 1/4 the cost.

  3. Ted says:

    What the heck, I couldn’t find this book on amazon or barnes and noble? Looks like a nice book, too bad you can’t buy it anywhere.

  4. Ted,

    If you click on the Reid Supply Company link at the bottom of the post, and then click on “Refresh Product Data” button that appears, you can order the book from them. I haven’t found it anywhere else in the US.

  5. Eric G. says:

    is this a good supplement to the venerable Pocket Ref? or is it just a quick reference that duplicates that information.

  6. Kurt says:

    I’m always drawn to these, but find myself hitting ‘google’ before reaching for the ref books. I realize that sometimes the internet isn’t easily accessible, but for most people, including myself, my shop is at my house. I can usually google something faster than find a book and look it up.

  7. It is listed in the latest Duluth Trading Co. catalog for $29.50. Go to DuluthTrading.com. Item #29094

  8. Alfred Killian says:

    Can you please advise where I can get this book in Perth.

  9. Carol Ann says:

    Sells the Engineering Black Book

  10. Carol Ann says:


    This is the actual website address that sells the Engineering Black Book….and many other tools and equipment.

  11. Anne Morgan says:

    Can you please advise where to purchase this book in NZ for my son.

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