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Sean and I will be at Maker Faire in Austin this weekend (October 20th and 21st), and we hope to see you there. There are lots of reasons to go — check out Make’s site for information on all the great Makers who’ll be there showing off their projects and ideas — but here are a few special reasons for Toolmongers to attend:

1. We’ll be testing tools!

Swing by the Toolmonger area to help us test the ergonomics and fit of mechanic’s tools. We’ve got a big special scheduled for early November, and we need your help to find the best tools for the price.

2. Stanley’s joining us, and the two of us will be giving away tools all weekend.

Stanley’s co-sponsoring the event with us, and they’ve brought out a truck full of tools to give away — all sorts of fun stuff. It’ll be a great time.

3. You can meet Jimmy Addison.

You’re not really a tool guy (or gal) until you’ve met Jimmy. He works for Stanley’s Discovery Team and is easily one of the most knowledgable guys we’ve met in the business. Got a question about Stanley? He can probably answer it. And he’s a hoot to hang out with, too.

4. We’re gonna break s#!%!

That’s right. Next week is Break S#!% week, and we’re gonna kick it off right at Maker Faire. With Stanley’s help, we’re gonna demolish a small building — with hand tools. Register your guess on how long it’ll take us to flatten it, and you might win some larger tools. (You can score smaller ones regardless. Really!)

And if you need any more reasons to show up, check out our coverage of Maker Faire’s last stop in San Francisco. Think of Maker Faire as a big party for people just like you.

We’ll see you there. Of course, if you’re stuck in Alaska, your next best bet is to check back here for our live blogging of the event all weekend.

Maker Faire Austin [Make]


2 Responses to Come See Us At Maker Faire Austin — Free Tools!

  1. KMc says:

    Was Jimmy the big guy hammering nails? Dude could put ’em down.

  2. Sean O'Hara says:

    Yep that was him. 🙂

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