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Yep — you heard right. Next week is Break S#!$ Week here at Toolmonger, and we’re gearing up to deliver tons of demolition-related material for your destructive pleasures. We have demolition tool finds, demolition TM Dohs, demolition hands-ons, and even some demolition projects planned for you.

So come let your inner demons out, and put ’em to work. And if you can, join us this weekend at Maker Faire Austin where we’re kicking Break S#!$ week off early with some help from Stanley. We plan on demolishing a small building completely with hand tools, and we’re giving away tools — real ones, by the way, not BS little trinkets — throughout the weekend. See you there!

Maker Faire Austin [Make]


One Response to Next Week Is Break S#!$ Week

  1. Evan N. says:

    Hopefully broadcast courtesty of BSU, Break S#!$ University.

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