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Echo’s PB-755 leaf blower looks pretty bad-ass from the spec sheet. It can blow leaves at up to 205 MPH yet weighs in at only 26 pounds. And with its five-year consumer warranty, this thing really blows. (Come on: I couldn’t resist)

There’s a 63.3 cc engine on this bad boy, complete with electronic ignition. The short, hip-mounted throttle with “cruise control” allows you to control how far those leaves go (but easily tucks out of your way) while the air tube features a wide angle rotation joint that allows for plenty of mobility — plus a new design that’s supposed to stay flexible even in cold weather. It’s got a commercial grade air filter up top and a see-through fuel tank, so no more guessing when you need to fuel up.

You’ll have to check with a local dealer on pricing, though, as I’ve been unable to find any word online. Still, it looks like a tool worth the effort.

PB-755 Backpack Blower [Echo]


4 Responses to Echo’s Bad-Ass Leaf Blower

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m surprised it doesn’t have electric start so that you don’t even have to exert yourself starting it. Just what this planet needs, another over-powered excuse for a broom or a rake and five minutes elbow grease.

  2. Brent says:

    I’ll get excited about a leaf blower when they invent a silent one that doesn’t spew two-cycle exhaust all over me, until that time comes I’ll use a rake.

  3. Kelley Nelson says:

    The Redmax EBZ8001 is pretty much the 44 Magnum of the backpack blower world. It puts out a stated 900 cfm. It also weighs 26 lbs, but this is considered pretty heavy.

    My favorite of the big blowers is the Stihl BR600. It’s only 21 lbs and kicks out 700 CFM. It also uses Stihl’s 4-mix engine which uses less fuel and is just cool because it burns 2-stroke fuel in a 4-stroke combustion cycle. (Less pollution)

  4. thomas says:

    Makita has a 4-cycle leaf blower. It is very quiet and does not require a fuel-oil mix. It is great for the guy that does his own lawn. I won’t look back at 2-cycle blowers again.

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