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PacTool International Siding Gauge

Some projects are difficult to tackle without help — like installing 12′ pieces of fiber cement siding, for example. To make installing siding a one man job, PacTool International developed the SA902 siding gauge. It clamps to the previous course to hold the next piece of siding at a preset reveal. Once in place, two siding gauges can fully support a 12′ piece of fiber cement siding, leaving your hands free to secure it.

To use the siding gauge, you must have already attached the first row of siding. Then set the gauge to the desired reveal: 5, 6, 7, or 8 inches. Slide the toe of the gauge under the first row of siding and use the lever to engage the cam. After positioning the second gauge, you can place the piece of siding in the gauges. They will hold the siding while you to secure it. Once that piece is secured, move the gauges to the next piece of siding and continue.

Composite Image of steps of using siding gauge

Sold in pairs for $87 retail, it might cost a little more than the case of beer you promised your buddy to help side your house, but you won’t be left hanging siding unassisted at beer-thirty.

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2 Responses to Install Fiber Cement Siding By Yourself

  1. Ivan says:

    Finally a useful tool to work solo rather than routing up the teenagers who really don’t want to be there anyway.
    Check out their website as they have some other nice tools as well to speed up the siding job. Though it’s all directed for fiber-cement siding.
    Is there a similar one for vinyl siding?

  2. Brau says:

    I used a set of these to side my garage and they are fantastic. Recommended! Well worth the money.

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