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Looking for a new charger for that obsolete Black & Decker multi-tool? Did you take your Dewalt vacuum apart and can’t get it back together now? Dewalt Service Net can help. If you own any Black & Decker, Dewalt, Porter Cable, or Delta Power tools you should bookmark this site. Services available include instruction manuals, product explosion drawings, parts lists and ordering, and service center locations.

Recently redesigned, Dewalt Service Net seems now to be more focused on selling you service. Before the redesign, it was easier to find information about your tool. Now there are no menu options for finding information related to your tool. But the information is still there: to find information on the new site, you have to enter your part number in the practically hidden search bar in the upper left corner.

There are still a few bugs in the site, too. The exploded art doesn’t seem to be working right and the product manual links don’t go anywhere, but parts lists are working and you can add parts to the cart. Before the redesign these features worked but the site was somewhat sluggish. The site is still sluggish, but hopefully this is on the list of bugs to squash.

Bugs aside, though, Dewalt Service Net is still a great resource when you need to repair that broken power tool.

Dewalt Service Net [Corporate Site]


22 Responses to Dewalt Service Net: Manuals, Drawings, And Parts For Your Power Tools

  1. Hank says:

    I agree that parts can be ordered on ServiceNet. Parts and diagrams, and your order can be found there. But, after two completed attempts at trying to fill just one order, not including phoning the same order and talking with a live person, still no follow-through. No order; no processing of credit card. Nothing, except an email confirmation of my second attempt. Then nothingness.

    Today, I went over to the Houston local Dewalt, etc. service center and they said the site was doing badly (to which I certainly agreed), but promised the site would be running well by this Friday. Too late for me.

    I would say my experiences with the Dewalt ServiceNet is about as bad as it gets on the Internet. Be very afraid.

  2. Hank
    I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. Those questions at the start of the article are actually things I have done with Dewalt Service Net (Well the vacuum was B&D, but I didn’t wan’t to use them twice).

    I ordered the B&D part about a month ago for my brother in law. With shipping they were the cheapest source. I had no problem with their ordering system and he received the charger in about a week. Mind that this was before they “Redesigned ” the site.

    I hope that they fix all their problems. It would seem like a shame to lose what I have found to be a valuable site.

  3. AKIO MIURA says:


    How do you do

    My name AKIO MIURA
    it lives in Ginowan city Okinawa Prefecture in Japan

    Email tontonmy@mail.goo.ne.jp

    Model DW735PART is necessary

    Can I order one from Japan?


    akio miura 2008-7/10

  4. Ed Henderson says:

    I wish I could say I had an experience with the repairnet website. After hours of trying on 8/3 and 8/4/08, I never did get to a complete webpage. What a waste of time. Anybody responsible for this lame effort should be fired immediately by Dewalt.

  5. Mike Zak says:

    Looking for a drawing for the dust box for my dewalt radial arm saw, the original was the carton it came in,it was a cut out. Help Mike Zak

  6. Chuck Lam says:

    Hey guys! Any chance of me buying the molded plastic impeller appearing on Black n’ Decker model CS100 blower/sweeper/broom Blower Assy #90504254?
    This unit was dropped when it was running and the threaded hub of the impeller broke from the impeller. As you know, Dewalt doesn’t sell subparts. I’m hoping to hear you guys have something laying around I can buy.
    Thanks, Chuck Lam
    630-924-5311. crl2005@sbcglobal.net Aug 31, 2010

  7. Observer says:

    The site has been redesigned again and is great!

  8. tony rogers says:

    I need a tech manual for a Dewalt DW788 scrollsaw .I keep going to web site after website and cannot find one for all of the runaround. H E L P!!!!

  9. Bruce says:

    Purchased a replacement switch kit for a DW317 Dewalt vs orbital jig saw which I bought from a contractor sale for ten dollars. The saw needed a new power plug and had no variable speed . Placed a order with servicenet and received new switch and casehousing to my suprise.Went together well,Easy to follow instruction sheet and performed great at a good price. Thanks servicenet.

  10. I just bought a model 733 surface planer, used, two blade cutterhead. I can get blades but need owners manual to see how to change out the blades. The machine is out of production, so need all the help I can get. thank you…terry

  11. Reggie Warren says:

    I got a dewalt air nail framing gun it want shoot the nail when trigger. There is nothing jammed up in it

  12. ronald jewell says:

    dewalt planer 733 how do you change the blades and the nylon belt?

  13. John Jones says:

    I need to know where I can get a owner’s manual for a GT 5000 electric Powerback generator. I don’t need parts just manual

  14. joe artis says:

    I need a owner manual

  15. Rich Capasso says:

    Anyone have the wiring diagram for Dewalt Table Saw NodelDW744 type 4 I cannot find on Servicenet

  16. barrie stoneman says:

    i bought a black &decker workmate no insructions i purchased it12 13 12
    workmate 225
    an iget a pintout for this model

  17. Ralph West says:

    Inlaw passed and I got this Dewalt 733 planer and have no instructions or manual. Please help me. thankyou.

  18. Walter Kennamer says:

    Ralph, here is a link to the manual for the Dewalt 733 planer.


  19. Mike Grothouse says:

    i recently purchased a 1965 Dewalt radial arm saw model R-1250. i believe the saw brake could be locked up as the saw does not want to start. the blade does turn by hand. i am looking for a manual and or exploded view of the motor with the switch so i can try to repair it. otherwise the saw is in very good condition and i would like to get this one running for my work shop

  20. David Kniola says:

    Every Dewalt website I’ve been to sucks. I’m looking for a part to a DW317 Jig Saw, and all I get is a run around, Dewalt needs to redesign their websites or make a tool that doesn’t fall apart.

  21. brett says:

    Just bought a D55154 compressor and it started fine the first week but now it is not

  22. Dinesh says:

    I’ve got Black and Decker SR700 plus mitre saw, I’ve no instructions or manual,please help me where can I obtain one,thankyou

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