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400 AAs and 100 AAAs Batteries

Batteries.com is currently offering a 500 pack (!) of batteries which contains 400 AA’s and 100 AAA’s for just $49.99. That’s 10 cents a battery! But if you add the coupon code “GGL15” the price drops to $42.49. Shipping is around $11 to most areas.

500 Alkaline Batteries [Batteries.com]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: 400 AA and 100 AAA Batteries $43

  1. These would be fine if your business has little promo flashlights that you give away, and you just need to stuff something in ’em so they light up.

    But with no data about the capacity, it’s safe to assume these are junk, not on par with the name brands you’d want to rely on for your own gear. And if you buy more than 10 batteries a year, you should really be using rechargeables anyway.

  2. I have to say, I’m skeptical as well. These are probably similar to the “Plenticell” batteries that people try to sell on the subway. Sure they have their uses as Nate suggested, but I wouldn’t rely on them.

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