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To make your living on a roof, you need two things: super-human ankles and traction. You’re on your own for the former, but Cougar Paws can help in the grip department! A dense, fibrous-mat sole is exactly what you want for a sure-footed grab on granular shingles, but the material wears out quickly. Cougar Paws have an elegant solution to the problem — Velcro! When you wear a sole out, just peel it off and stick a new one on.
The boots themselves are about $120, and full-time roofers will get a week or two out of a $15 pair of soles. Casual users — like inspectors and perhaps satellite TV installers — should find that theirs last much longer. The company even offers spike soles for tearoff jobs where you’re walking on bare sheathing!
Cougar Paws [Corporate Site]
Slightly better pricing [Big Rock Supply] 


3 Responses to Cougar Paws Velcro Roofing Shoes

  1. Chad Frost says:

    I would like to order a pair of replacement velcro pads for my Cougar Paws.
    Please let me know how I can order these. I have been all over your website and do not understand how to order these replacements.


    Chad Frost
    Propery Claims Specialist
    Allmark Services
    125 Executive Dr.
    Brookfield, WI 53008

  2. Matt says:

    have you tried http://www.cougarpaws.com ??????

  3. John says:

    do you ship to Australia

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