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Marketing Picture of Angle Snap

C. H. Hanson, manufacturer of the Chalk Hog, now offers something called the Angle Snap — a chalk line jig designed to simplify complex layout on sheet goods like plywood, sheet rock, or OSB. With built in positive stops for fast placement on edges and corners, it works with any standard chalk line to mark angles simply and accurately.

To use the Angle Snap, place the it at the edge or corner of the sheet you want to mark, fit the end of the chalk line into the Angle Snap, and pull the chalk line to the desired angle marked on the scale. When you snap the chalk line, the layout line is at the desired angle.

C. H. Hanson is promoting the Angle Snap on their website and they have a great video showing the tool in action. Unfortunately, the it doesn’t seem to be available for sale yet and no release date is listed.

Angle Snap [Manufacturer]


6 Responses to Preview: The Angle Snap

  1. Ken says:

    I hope it isn’t as expensive as the Pivot Square $84bucks+$5 bucks for manual.

  2. Ken says:

    Anybody find it yet?

  3. Rob [C.H. Hanson rep] says:


    It will not be as expensive as Pivot Square and it is not currently available. Once it is available, the good folks at Toolmonger will be notified.

    Should you have any questions concerning C.H. Hanson products, please contact Toolmonger and they can give you my email address.

  4. erypeloceby says:

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  6. Nick says:

    I know the person who invented this tool, and i must say i am proud of him

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