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Have you heard about Bosch’s Rapid Repair service? If Bosch service centers and Rapid Repair partners¬†can’t repair your tool in five business days or less, the repairs are free. Maybe we’re finally seeing a viable alternative to the return-it-to-the-store-for-a-replacement option.

For an entertaining three minutes, check out their promotional video.

YOUTUBE LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhOiMb1jm34

Tools that are still under warranty are also eligible for Rapid Repair service, which is good to know. Another Rapid Repair factoid: Bosch service centers can offer a maximum cost estimate, a practice that helps avoid pick-up surprises.


The Blue Crew 4 Rapid Repair promotional page also offers a PS10 giveaway registration form, an alternative link to the video, and a link to the service center locator.

Bosch Rapid Repair [Bosch]
Blue Crew 4 [Bosch]
Service Center Locator [Bosch]


4 Responses to Bosch Rapid Repair: <5 Days Or It's Free

  1. KMR says:

    Return it to the store for replacement = INSTANT
    Five days to repair = Still five days without my tool

  2. Mel E. says:

    My local DeWalt repair shop is dewalt ownded and takes a day or two anyway. The only time it took more was on a brand new drill that had just come out. That was for a new case, and it took 5 or 6 days. I’ve even had drills rebuilt while I waited. It took about 15 minutes for a new trigger, motor, brushes , and chuck. Why expect it to take long anyway?

  3. Well, Bosch’s website states that tools will be transported to the nearest Bosch factory service center for repair – that probably eats up some time. Still, they say five days or less, maybe routine or common maintenance can be done onsite as quick as Mel’s experienced with Dewalt.

  4. WoodySixes says:

    Beware The Bosch radio. It is not meant to be serviced. Mine stopped working after 4 years of very light use. Since it is obviously no longer under warranty, there is no replacement. I am told by my local Bosch service center that parts aren’t made for them to be serviced. I wouldn’t mind paying the repair cost – all things break in time, but to not be repairable is ridiculous in my opinion. I don’t like the fact that I’d be buying a disposeable item every few years. Maybe time to switch brands.

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