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Sometimes an 1800-watt heatgun is overkill. That’s when the ProHeater proves handy. Intended for heat-shrink applications, this 350-watt mini-heatgun is also ideal for label removal and other adhesive softening.

You probably won’t find it useful for stripping paint, but it most likely won’t melt your cheap extension cord, either. It’s less bulky than a standard heatgun, and will set you back about twenty bucks.

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3 Responses to Surebonder’s ProHeater Heat Tool

  1. Eric Dykstra says:

    this looks like it would be useful for me, i just need something for wire heat shrink tubing.

  2. Simon says:

    I have used this same model for years (different brand name) and the size and weight is perfect for 90% of my jobs. The reduced noise level is nice on repetitive shrink wrapping jobs.

    I think the large T handle versions are only really needed for stripping paint and starting fires.

  3. Some of the heavier heatshrink products, particularly the heavy-duty adhesive-lined wire end caps, really call for a larger heat gun. It takes a few minutes to shrink a T&B HSC2-20 even with the pistol-grip gun I have from work. That gun, to be fair, is also a light-duty model intended for model airplane builders.

    At home though, I don’t deal with anything so heavy, so a smaller heat tool makes sense. Even after a moment on “cooldown”, the big gun is a menace for a few minutes after I set it down, and I think that’s my main reason for looking so seriously at the ProHeater. If it had the little “curl around” attachment to direct the heat at the backside of a heatshrink tube, I’d be done deciding already. 😉

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