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Woodworkers Estimate Helper

So you’ve decided on a woodworking project, but will it fit your budget? What if you made if from cherry instead of oak? Forget the backs of envelopes, join the 21st century and let your computer do the work with the Woodworkers Estimate Helper (WEH) from Software for Woodworkers. A few simple steps allows you to estimate lumber¬†and hardware costs while limiting how much wood you waste, too.

While WEH is made for the the small woodworking shop, it can be very useful to hobbyists as well. Its database is filled with different wood and hardware types, and you can adjust costs and add materials to match your local market. WEH can account for multiple wood types and thicknesses — even sheet material like plywood. Working from a set of plans, woodworkers can estimate specifics like board feet by wood type, total wood cost, number of boards to buy as well as hardware and miscellaneous expenses.

If you’re using WEH as a buiness tool, you can calculate in labor rate and profit margin. Woodworkers Estimate Helper can be downloaded and tried for 30 days, after that it will cost you a measly $40.

Woodworkers Estimate Helper [softwareforwoodworkers.com]


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