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Tired of tearing your hands up on cheap-ass, not-fully-smoothed cast faucet knobs? You could replace the faucet with an expensive modern one, but if the valve’s still good, why not try Faucet Mitts? Just soften these rubber covers in warm water then just slip ’em into place. They’re four bucks a pair and are way, way easier on your hands.

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6 Responses to Protect Your Hand, Save A Faucet

  1. Hmm, this also looks like a great product for households with small children. Nice find!

  2. John Laur says:

    Beware! I broke two faucet knobs trying to install these pieces of crap. The pressure you have to use to pop them on is absolutely immense. They do not really “soften” with warm water, however, you might get better results if you boil them (I didn’t) They are far more trouble than they are worth.

    Regarding the small children comment… I don’t really see how it applies to these. Unlike doorknob covers etc that are designed to slip and prevent kids from getting into a furnace closet, these really clamp down around the valve knob, and honestly, I think would probably make them more appealing for little kids to fool with than normal.

  3. I didn’t mean that these are great for preventing children from accessing the water faucets, but to facilitate it. Plus it might make it easier to teach the difference between “hot” and “cold”.

  4. Actually I’m a bit perplexed by the hot and cold colors. Who has hot water available on outdoor spigots? Or who has this style of valve handle at their sink? I guess there’s no harm in the choice of colors, it just struck me as useless in probably 99% of cases.

    John, your point about installation force is interesting. I wonder if you could cut a hole in the middle of the Mitt, remove the knob from the faucet, pound it in on the workbench, then reinstall it using the hole. Makes you wonder why they didn’t supply such a hole in the first place…

    Come to think of it, there are a few different styles of six-sided faucet handles, aren’t there? I wonder if these fit the common one, and you had a similar but slightly larger style. It would be nice if their website showed the exact style these are made to fit.

  5. Mike says:

    I have a pair of these bad boys and they are in the supply lines for my laundry room and bathroom and another pair in the garage (yes, I have hot water in the garage — the previous owner had the pipes run in there too).

    Makes knowing which is which in the crawlspace and in the garage a lot easier.

  6. Kathy Brown says:

    Two of my outside faucets have hot water….so I can wash the dog and the horse.

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