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TM reader and photo pool member jmillerid posted this photo of a ring he made himself. Ok, so it wasn’t forged in the fires of Mount Doom to enslave the population of Middle Earth, but it was hand-made with love to give to his other half.

If it were me, I’d still have to put it in a fire to see if words appear on the inner band. Just to be safe.

Check out the photo pool for additional pictures of the “forging” process as well as more information on its construction.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


3 Responses to Glove Winner: One Ring To Rule The Shop!

  1. Dano says:

    Wouldnt it be easier to smelt the copper and cast in a form?

  2. danpoff says:

    very nicely done! I remember making a ring in art class and it was no simple task, course that may have been my craazzyy art teachers methods. Nevertheless, anyone close to you would be very proud to wear this.

  3. Rick says:

    Looks great, not just the look but the color of the copper too. Just watch out for problems. Some people have allergies / skin discoleration (temperarory) with continual contact with a metal that is not 100% biologically compatible. Thats why sergical stainless adn titanium are more common ring materials (mine is steel). Anyways, it looks great, jsut soemthing to keep in the back of your mind. Some people’s skin turns green from prolonged exposure to white gold … good thing it goes away! haha

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