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Looks like Dremel is jumping back into the Lithium-Ion scene with their new 7.2V driver, and while this tool isn’t revolutionary, it does include a few interesting features such as a motor brake and “ergonomically-optimized” body.

The new Dremel driver includes standard “pocket driver” features, such as a variable speed trigger, reverse switch, non-removable battery, and a 1/4″ hex shank chuck. And the new motor brake stands out since it could provide additional control to help reduce screw stripping.


No doubt the Dremel driver is built upon the same philosophy as the Stylus, with an emphasis of both control and power. With a $70 pricetag, the Dremel driver seems like a good buy. But if you’re interested in the Stylus as well, you can pick up the combo set for only $30 more — an even better buy.

With a body under 5″ long and a narrow nose, this driver should be great for low-clearance or cramped spaces. Additionally, the contour of the handle should make it easier to apply pressure when driving larger screws. Overall, this looks like a well thought-out design that’ll hold its own among beefier tools.

In terms of price, this driver is mid-range between Black & Decker and Bosch’s offerings, but it’s chock-full of higher-end features.

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3 Responses to Dremel 7.2V Li-Ion Driver

  1. Jerry Stebenne says:

    How do I order this tool. You can call me at 281.464.2412 or 713.419.3540

  2. bruce venable says:

    can I get a replacement battery for the 7.2?


    Where can I get a battery for my Dremel 7.2V Li-Ion Driver

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