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Chainsaw Buddy

What’s worse than having to break out the chainsaw in the bitter cold to cut up firewood that’s too small for an ax? Having to clean and service the saw afterward because you dug it into the dirt, that’s what. The Chainsaw Buddy let’s you cut the little stuff on any surface without digging, keeping your chain sharper (and cleaner) longer.

The Chainsaw Buddy attaches to any saw 14″ or longer without any modifications to the bar. Once you place the two arms under the log, the motion of the chain causes the wood to rotate up against two serrated uprights, holding it secure. This sure beats hopping on one leg trying to keep the log steady with the other.

You can buy the attachment directly from Chainsaw Buddy’s site for $43 with free shipping, but Northern Tool has it for $30 plus shipping.

Chainsaw Buddy [Official Site]
Chainsaw Buddy [Via Northern Tool]


One Response to Your Chainsaw’s Best Friend

  1. Joe says:

    Reminds me of the Black & Decker Alligator lopper, which is by far my favorite small-branch chainsaw for safety and convenience.

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