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Quick Connect Starter Set

Gardena’s useful quick connect system works like compressed air fittings, avoiding all the screwing and unscrewing of hoses when you swap from watering the yard to washing the car. It helps prevent leaks and over tightening, too.

Firmly pressing two connectors together snaps them in place. Pull the collar back on the female end and they release. The starter set includes enough fittings to convert one faucet, one hose and two “products” — like a sprinkler or a sprayer — to the system.

The faucet adapter allows water to flow freely when nothing is attached — for filling containers and the like. If you decide you like the system, Gardena offers a slew of other fittings and products that work in the system. For example, they offer a water saving hose end which pops a ball valve closed when detached to prevent water pouring out between changes.

The set sells for about $10.

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7 Responses to Gardena’s Quick Connect Starter Set

  1. Brau says:

    While I swear by these things and have them on all my hoses, sprinklers, wands, etc, the Gardena Brand quality has proven to be less than stellar. They oxidize in the sun, become brittle and crack. There are plenty of similar knock-off brands that oddly last longer and are made of better UV resistant plastics, so slowly they are replacing my original Gardena pieces. Canadian Tire even offers a lifetime brass set (Yardworks) which are well worth the minimally higher cost.

  2. Rick says:

    I agree witht he above comment, they get brittle with time and I have found them to get fouled with dirt and sand, making it challanging to release them. There are metal ones that are similiar (some are compatible with the above) those are what i would reccomend. They sure make changeouts a lot quicker and easier!

  3. DaveD says:

    I bought some brass quick connects and found that they all pretty much leaked….

  4. tim underwood says:

    I like mine and have been using them for many years.

    My routine is to replace the O rings every winter and they’ll last the season leak free.

  5. Howard B says:

    Sears has sold these for years. I’ve had soem for 20 years and they still work fine and do not leak.

  6. Kif says:

    I buy the brass ones from Harbor Freight when they go on sale. I have a stockpile of them because it took about 3 years for the first female fitting to break under almost daily use. I think I pay around $5 for 2 female fittings and 4 males when they are on sale.

  7. Nancy Hanon says:

    I have found the plastic ones are hard to release. I am not buying anymore,
    they just don’t work well. There was a hose connector product on the market a couple of years. They were yellow, that I loved. The release was a button and they were easy to release and connect. But over time they have gotten lost , dog chewed them, etc. Someone please make them again!!!!!
    I guess I will have to try the brass one, which cost a lot more.

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