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Stiletto TiBone Solid Titanium Straight Handle Hammer

Looking for some hammer bling to really impress the guys at the jobsite? Tool Authority currently offers this Stiletto TiBone solid titanium straight handle hammer for $199.  Stiletto hammers are on the pricey side, but they’re lightweight, made of solid titanium, and made in America.  The Stiletto TB15MS features a 15 oz head with a replaceable steel or milled waffle face, contoured handle, ergonomic grip, and magnetic nail starter. And all Stiletto tools come with a one year Warranty against defective workmanship and materials.

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21 Responses to Dealmonger: A Solid Titanium Hammer For $200

  1. Ray says:

    I can’t wait to buy this and put it in my cobalt blue Craftsman AXS “Tool Storage System” with weather sensor, accent lights and digital display 🙂

  2. TiH8r says:

    Huh? Titanium is usually used because it’s lighter than steel. But it’s also softer than steel; wouldn’t you prefer mass and hardness in a device designed to transfer momentum to pointy hard things percusively?

  3. Kaden says:

    EHSD… Expensive hammer, small dick.

  4. Sean says:

    Titanium vibrates less than steel. Therefore the hammer transfers more of the force to the target. My elbow reminds me frequently that mine was a good investment.

    As for its softness, that was an problem in that the milled face on my hammer flattened out in a few months. I fixed that by making new grooves using dremel cutoff wheels.

  5. Rick says:

    neat… yes… but seriously, I dont even think NASA would be buying that! maybe if you swing that hammer all day for a living it would be nice to have… but for anyone else, even someone who only hammers a few hundred nails a day, i dont think its worth it… jeez… who buys these things? are oil company executives becoming interested in DIY projects?

  6. PutnamEco says:

    Funny, seems the only ones complaining about them, are ones who don’t own one.

    Challenge, try one for a day. See if you still feel the same way afterwords.

  7. michael healy says:

    What kind of hack is Rick? “Even someone who only hammers a few hundred nails a day” If Rick actually worked a trade he would understand what repetition does to the body. With all of my air tools, I am still forced to break out the hammer more than I wish, but the titanium hammer is a godsend. I can jump from the roof trusses, to inside walls, to tico nails out on the deck, and still come home and type stupid comments to soft handed yuppy types.

  8. Dan says:

    Another cool (and much less expensive titanium item is a titanium money clips

  9. Brock says:

    I admit I haven’t ponied up the dough for the full Titanium ‘TiBone” bad boy, but I own and use it’s little brother.
    And after 26 years of Estwing and Vaughn hammers (still own both original hammers), my elbow thanks me every day. Not to mention the ‘Dimpler’ http://store.stilettotools.com/Detail.bok?no=52 lightens my bags and makes nail removal oh so much easier and cleaner. They are worth every dollar and more, but are available for less than MSRP. They also come with a cool decal for the tool box. You should buy one or two, get one for the wife, she’ll love it.

  10. A carpenter of 28 years, I rarely use a hammer any more except in demolition. Most of my nailing is with air guns and screws via drill are a big thing now. The tool belt is also mostly gone in favor of the small tool box which holds more , can be placed close by and poses no weight on the hips. The trade has changed a lot in my time and when cordless tools finally arrive [they are not even close yet] that will be a huge thing.

    The $200.00 hammer is just another penis extension for the posers and weekend warriors with way too much money and way too little brains.

  11. Ryan says:

    Simple physics or logic can be used to prove that titamium hammers do not produce more force than a steel hammer which is of equal weight, more durable, and a fraction of the cost. In physics Force = Mass(weight) * (velocity/ time). Since titamium hammers are less weight they will produce less force at the same velocity. WHile they may look larger at their given weight they will not be equal in force to a heavier equally sized steel hammer.

    Logically, excluding the physics that I just gave, if a titanium hammer is more powerful than steel as claimed, because it is the same size as the heavier steel hammer why not take this step in bad logic to more of an extream? lets throw away those steel and titanium hammers and go tp the toy store and get a really large 2 oz plastic hammer, screw on a steel head and try to drive a framing nail. or make a giant hollow very strong .00000001 oz hammer with a large durable head and try to drive a finish nail…

    Force = mass * velocity/time and you can not get around that one simple law in physics. If you deny this then William is correct, your brain is too little, and I add that you are stubborn for trying to disprove simple physics.

  12. Zathrus says:

    Except that the physics aren’t that simple.

    Most titanium hammers have a longer handle, which gives you a leverage advantage (and they can have the longer handle because of the lighter head and greater strength of the titanium). Additionally, titanium does deliver much more of the force to the nail than steel does — Wikipedia claims 3% recoil vs 27% for steel. Oh, and that means a lot less force going back into your arm, which is less fatigue.

    No, I don’t own one, I don’t have any relationship w/ them, and I don’t plan to own one (I simply don’t have the need, given the cost), but the bad abuse of physics and silly logic arguments needed correcting.

  13. Darren says:

    Anyone who does not like this hammer has never tried one. I have had mine for almost two years and I can not even think about going back to any steel hammer. Physics arguments dont mean much when real world performance says otherwise. I am not driving more than a hundred nails a day, but it is still worth it. I still have to carry the hammer around on my hips all day long, so lighter is better. Also, if I have to take even a couple days off for tennis elbow or tendonitis, it would have paid for the hammer. I know older framers that have to quit framing because their elbow has been destroyed from years of swinging a steel hammer. 200 bucks is really cheap in my opinion.

  14. Jake says:

    I swing a death stick, my foreman has a 14oz stiletto framing hammer, and I like it alot more, the face did flatten out pretty quick. I was told that the idea was since it’s lighter you swing the hammer faster, same idea as a aluminum bat, and that’s what gives it more force. I also talked to a union foreman that told me his Ti7 (dead on titanium hammer) grew some legs and walk away, which makes me nervious about spending $200+ on a hammer.

  15. pet says:

    well…a titanium golf club is lighter then a steel golf club…BUT which one hits the ball further? same with this hammer

  16. physics says:

    Forget the speed of the hammer head (although v**2 is an advantage too).

    Say you have steel and ti hammer heads traveling at the same speed.

    1) steel 20 oz * (1 – 27%) = 14.6 oz going into the nail, 20 * 27% = 5.6 oz recoil
    2) ti 16 oz * (1 – 3%) = 15.52 oz into the nail

    It’s called conservation of energy. If energy is lost in recoil, it’s not going into the nail, it’s going into heat, vibration, etc., and the pain in your arm.

    So, many of the posts here are just plain incorrect. Wikipedia is correct, get your facts there, and use your head.

  17. C.B. says:


    #1 Pro’s dont want to preplace wooden handles all the time.

    #2 We use and abuse our bodies for a living, and less recoil is an arm saver in the short run, and an elbow saver in the long run.

    #3 It drives nails about an inch+ per swing.

    #4 its less weight on your belt all day.

    #5 It drives straight from anywhere on the face.

    #6 It has has a combination of features that no other hammers have.

    So if you don’t like this hammer, your either cheap or too pig headed to admit your wrong.

    This hammer is God’s gift to carpenters.

  18. Electrician says:

    I just borrowed a stiletto from a framer today, used it for about 3 hours. If there was an electricians titanium hammer made (longer neck, smaller face, better for staples) id buy it in a heartbeat.

  19. scott waldenberg says:

    what can I say, CB is right on. I’m a frofessional carpenter that struggled with tendonitus for years, bought a titanium hammer and within a couple of weeks the tendonitus was gone.Besides that the lighter weight titanium hammer is just a pleasure to use.

  20. Will lasenby says:

    I do all sorts of renovations i used to use estwing but have recently switched to the dewalt 15 Oz hammer(only 80 bucks knockoff of the stiletto but same thing basically) and wow does it ever work great so i might try this stiletto out and for me it drives the same as my old estwing but is alot lighter and less weight to lug around on my hips if you dont believe the 200 buck hammer try out the dewalt for just 80 bucks thats pretty cheap

  21. rob says:

    i have been framing for 17 years i have gone through plumbs death sticks and estwing hammers. for the past 7 years i have used a 28oz estwing until today i got lucky enough to by a stiletto tibone 15oz from a good friend that is retiring. i will have to say hands down driving force goes to the stiletto. the best of all is he sold it to me for 20 bucks.

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