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Freud recently introduced a new two-base router kit, and they make a lot of claims about it. For example, they claim that it’s the most powerful, precise, and easy to use router kit on the market. Their concept behind the kit is that Freud wants to provide the woodworker a 2-1/4 hp combo kit that would meet evolving needs — particularly the need for a router that’d work well in a table installation and prove powerful enough to drive large profile bits.

Is this it? You’ll have to decide. But at least it won’t cost you too much to find out.

The kit includes both a fixed base and a plunge base, plus a carry case to keep it all together. The 13A motor is designed by Freud specifically for this application, and they’ve taken steps to make sure it lasts. For example, they’ve sealed the power switch and speed control device from the elements to protect them from dust and debris. The router also features an interesting electronic cruise control (that keeps the bit turning at a constant rpm regardless of what load it’s drawing) and a soft-start feature that makes for a more comfortable user experience.

When mounted in a table, the router is adjustable to 1/128” of accuracy. The plunge router also offers the same adjustability along with a three-position turret so you can set up repetitive cuts. The router also offers above-table access to the collet and shaft lock for changing bits, which is accomplished with a single wrench. Freud includes both a 1/4″ and 1/2″ collet so you can use pretty much any router bit out there.

Street pricing averages $200, although you may find it as cheap as $170.

FT1702VCEK 2-1⁄4 HP Router Combo Kit [Freud]
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Via Amazon [What’s this?]


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