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Harbor Freight 3 Day Red Tag Sale

Harbor Freight is holding a three-day “red tag sale” today through this weekend, offering some even crazier deals/steals than normal.  Some of my favorites include:

One-Inch Impact Wrench: Maximum torque of 1400 ft. lbs.  three speeds forward, three speeds reverse. Lightweight, durable cast aluminum housing. $90.

12-Ton Hydraulic Pipe Bender: Bends six different diameter pipes from 1/2 to two inches. Bending bars can be adjusted to distances of 8-1/2, 11-1/4, 12, 16-3/4, 19-1/2 and 22-1/4 inches. Includes a 2-inch diameter 12 ton jack. $60.

Auto-Darkening Welding Mask: Lens darkens instantly for arc, MIG or TIG welding. 1/20,000 second switching speed. Variable shade control from #9 to #13. High/low sensitivity adjustment. UV/IR protection. Uses solar power with lithium battery reserve. $60.

To get these prices, print out and clip the coupons or pick up the flyer in-store.

Red Tag Sale Coupons [Harbor freight]
Store Locations [Harbor Freight]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Harbor Freight 3 Day Red Tag Sale

  1. KMR says:

    That is strange. My local HF is having a Parking Lot sale this Oct 5-7th, and the pricing in that flyer is much less than those coupons above. Try $97.77 for the engine lift and $5.44 for the 1/4 air die grinder. Looks like these coupons aren’t such a great deal from a few of the things I compared to my Parking Lot flyer.


    Those piston ring pliers are AWESOME! I got them for $5.99 the other day, work great… immediately replaced my more expensive name brand piston ring pliers that always let the ring twist a little.

  2. Dr Wu says:

    Picked up the auto-darkening welding helmet this morning. The check out guy asked if I wanted the $6 1-yr replacement warranty, and when I told him no he acted like I was just throwing my money away. He gave me all kinds of warnings about not to lending it out to anybody and said I shouldn’t even bother taking it to work. I suggested that maybe I shouldn’t be buying it in the first place if it’s that crappy. But of course that’s not what he meant. I understand that they are probably told to push the extended warranty, but to try and scare a customer that the product is so bad that he’d better get the warranty or be very sorry later seems a bit ridiculous. Plus this helmet is for home use and will get used maybe once a month. I still think Harbor Freight is a blast.

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