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Bend Rules from Incra

It’s easy to introduce error when you’re transferring measurements from a board face to its side — even when you use a square. But with Bend Rules from Incra, you don’t have to worry about introducing any error when transferring measurements because their rule wraps around the edge of the board. Their rules also feature corner slots that extend to both the face and the edge of the board so you can mark both sides simultaneously.

Besides including corner slots every 1/16″, the bend rule also features holes spaced every 1/32″ apart on both edges for precision marking. On the ends the there are holes spaced every 1/32″ — for drawing lines parallel to the board edge. Just insert your sharp pencil or scribe in the hole representing the desired measurement and slide the rule along the edge.

Detail of the end of the bend rule

The Bend Rule is sold separately in 6″, 12″, and 18″ lengths, or you can purchase them in Incra rule sets. The rule sets come in 6″, 12″, or 18″ lengths and include one straight, one bend, and one T-rule. An individual 6″ bend rule can be found for $17, and a 12″ rule runs $27 — though the 12″ rule set can set you back $54.

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3 Responses to Bend The Rules

  1. I just got my Rockler Flyer today after I posted this and noticed the Bend Rules along with a bunch of other Incra rules are on sale. It looks like the 6″ model is selling for $14.

  2. Zathrus says:

    Why on earth is this filed under Sears? Someone missed the “Rockler” dropdown I think…

  3. Yeah thanks for the catch Zathrus, it’s actually a series of check boxes not a drop down box, and guess I was off by one. I’ll notify my editor.

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