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While we’ve seen (and owned) dozens of dome-style tap lights , Sylvania’s DOT-its are among the best. Featuring a repositionable adhesive backing, three bright LEDs, long battery life, and a reliable tap switch, the DOT-it leaves generic copycat products in the shadows.

We typically apply dome-style lamps to provide illumination in situations where other portable lights or stationary fixtures are inconvenient or impossible to use. And from a spotlight arrangement above a worksurface to deep-drawer toolbox duty, DOT-its are well suited to complement existing workshop lighting.

Take note, though: DOT-its are not intended to substitute traditional lighting, but instead should be used as task lights to fill in darker spaces.

Although intended as automotive lighting accessories, DOT-its are also great for the house or car. Stash one, for example, in your glove box, or take it along on your next camping trip and then stick it to the wall as a hallway nightlight for when your relatives visit for the holidays.

Street pricing starts at $5.

DOT-it [Sylvania]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


3 Responses to Sylvania DOT-it LED Lights

  1. Leslie T says:

    I love these. I first picked one up at the local Canadian Tire store as an emergency car interior light and my children (3 and 5) loved it so much thay now each have one as a personal night light. They discovered that they make fabulous hand shadow night toys as the triple light sources let them make some magical ceiling images.
    I haven’t taken the backing paper off any of them (to use the adhesive) as they’re being moved around a lot so I can’t comment on that feature.
    These seem to last forever – the first one is now about 2 years old and is still as bright as the newer ones.

  2. I’ve seen them in the supermarket, but assumed they were more of those lame lights that use button-cell batteries.

    Button (and the flatter “coin”) cells are all the battery you can fit into a keyring-type tiny-light, but they’re made to deliver only MICROamps of current and will be beaten to death surprisingly quickly by a single LED, let alone three. People often use keyring lights for years without changing the battery, but after the first ten minutes you’re getting only 10% of the original brightness, and it only gets worse from there.

    This doesn’t stop manufacturers from making umpteen eyeglass-light or book-light sorts of products that run from button cells. All of those products pretty much suck.

    But lo, the Sylvania site makes clear that the Dot-It lights use AAA batteries! Neat!

  3. Zathrus says:

    Harbor Freight is selling knock-offs of these, 3 for $12.96 this weekend (10/5-10/7); they claim 5 LEDs, use 3 AAA batteries, and use velcro tape for mounting. Don’t know how they stack up to these for brightness though — as we all know, more is not necessarily better.

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