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Board Straighteners

What do you do with a board that’s too crooked to joint? You can to salvage a narrower straight piece by ripping it on your table saw, but you’ll need to cut without the fence to guide you for at least part of the pass — a perfect formula for twisting the board and having the saw blade kick it back at you. Woodstock’s board straighteners, however, help you safely true boards into usable stock.

The board straighteners apply a “known straight” board to guide the crooked board against the rip fence and through the rotating saw blade safely. You attach the board straighteners to the edge of the known straight board and then attach one edge of the crooked board to the straighteners.

Effectively this gives you a wider board with one straight edge and one crooked edge. After truing the first edge you can remove the board straighteners and use the now straight edge against the rip fence to fix the other edge of the board.

A pair of board straighteners streets for around $10 — a price easily recovered by (safely) saving one or two pieces of decent wood.

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  1. Mark says:

    I got these as a gift once. I have not used them yet. I would think that a circular saw with a chalk line would get you just as far. Anyway, I suspect that someday (after I get my sawmill) I’ll make good use of these.

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