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Having trouble getting those decking planks aligned right? You’re not alone. You could spend $50 to $150 on a specialized tool to jack ’em into place, but don’t the immortal words of Jesse James — “Anything fits with a welder.” — apply to wood, too?

Hell, yes. When TM reader and photo pool member jef4130 hit this snag, he whiped out his welder and some spare parts to build the tool you see above — perfect for levering in planks without the arm pain. He says his total cost was around $16.

Check out the pool for another photo of the tool in use — and some great instructions on how to build your own.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to Glove Winner: How To Build Your Own Deck Jack

  1. jef4130 says:

    No welder needed, everything is “bolted” together. The only hard part was the cutting and drilling, but that is why Man invented power tools.

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