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Three Microplane Assorted Sanding Discs

Sean posted about these Microplane sanding discs back in May 2006, and now they’re on sale: Microplane is currently offering a 3-pack for listed for just $13.95. The 3-pack includes a coarse 40-grit, medium 80-grit and fine-120 sanding disc. Microplane claims that each disc is equal to about 35 sheets of regular sandpaper and’ll work perfectly for sanding bare wood projects like doors, furniture, and fencing. 

These discs fit a regular 5″ orbital sander and includes matching hole patterns.

3-Pack Sanding Discs [Microplane]
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4 Responses to Dealmonger: Three Microplane Sanding Discs For $14

  1. I bought a set of these a few years ago, blinded by the marketing, and wasn’t impressed. They really gave my sander a workout. They also would grab when you wouldn’t expect it and leave tiny gouges. They do remove wood like nobody’s business though . It might be more accurate to say they are more like 20, 40 and 60 grit equiv.

  2. Tooldork says:

    I’m with Ben — I got mine a few months ago and thought they would be great for stripping paint. Nope, recommended use is only on bare wood.

    So, I gave them a whirl and they really remove the wood, but left some serious marks that required going over again with regular sandpaper.

    Again, Ben is dead-on on the grit conversion.

    Removal was a bit tough…you have to use a screwdriver to pry the pads off. My guess is that they really wear down the loops on the base pad.

    I don’t consider $14 to be much of a deal since I had to re-sand everything I just did.

  3. elmegil says:

    Let’s make that three votes against. I bought them too, and had exactly the problems described.

  4. OK, sure. But how about when you needed to extract information from a secret agent? How’d they do then?

    (I took one look at them and instantly heard “And now, Mr Bond…”)

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