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Milwaukee’s Sawzall practically gave the reciprocating saw market its name. And Milwaukee continues to evolve the recip saw into new, more specialized configurations like this one, which they call “The Hatchet.” In short: it has a 6-position pivoting handle. In staight-out mode you can grip it like one of those ever-popular straight-handled Japanese hand saws, or you can pivot it all the way down and grip it like a drill driver. Milwaukee claims that it’ll easily fit in between 16” studs.

In addition to manufacturing tools, Milwaukee also apparently works in overtime to label product features with cheesy phonetic spellings. Witness: this Sawzall starts off life like any other, with a 7.5A motor that drives the Quik-Loc blades from 0 to 3,000 strokes per minute. Quik-Loc is also responsible for the removable 8′ power cord.


Average street price on these is about $140 — but there are some deals to be found; be sure to check out the Google Products link. Also, if you prefer a cordless form factor, they’re offering a ‘Hatchet’ as part of their 18V line for about $250.

6524-21 – Sawzall – The Hatchet – Corded [Milwaukee]
6514-21 – Sawzall – The Hatchet – 18v Cordless [Milwaukee]
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