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Board Buddies

Yellow Board Buddies are designed to minimize kickback on your table saw or router — and who hasn’t heard a kickback horror story? While holding the work piece against the table and fence, the Buddies’ wheels only turn clockwise, stopping the workpiece if the saw should kick back.

Adjustable to accommodate boards of different thicknesses, Board Buddies screw directly into your saw fence or attach to an optional track. Their bodies are made from die-cast aluminum and feature neoprene wheels which won’t leave marks on your workpiece.

The board buddies also come in orange and green, but the colors aren’t simply a fashion statement — they identify which direction the wheels turn. Orange-colored Buddies only rotate counter-clockwise and are designed to prevent kickback on radial arm saws. For shapers, green Buddies actually function solely as hold downs because they rotate in both directions.

Board Buddies are made by Woodstock International — the same company that brings you Shop Fox equipment — and a pair of Board Buddies can be had for about $40 (in any of the three colors) at Amazon.

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2 Responses to Board Buddies Prevent Kickback, Make Cutting Safer

  1. Thomas Emberson says:

    Old story, but just found the site this evening, just in case someone else is going back as well, I got a pair of these about a year ago and put them on my Unisaw, second best addition to my shop. The first being grippers!.

    To install I used industrial double sided foam tape to attach a piece of oak to my fence and then wood screws for the buddies.

    If you cut sheet goods larger than a couple sq-ft they are great, they keep the wood against the fence!


  2. intuibfum says:

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