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Apparently the wave of power tool lasers is petering out, but LCDs are the new lasers. Now Wixey’s found away to add a digital readout to your table saw fence of all things. It’s designed to fit most any fence, although some require a bit of modification. Regardless, the LCD still allows you to easily remove and replace the fence as needed without needed recalibrating each time since the readout attaches to the fence with a small rare earth magnet. It’ll measure up to 60″ total and can measure to both the right and the left of the saw blade.

Even if you did need to recalibrate, you can do so very easily by moving the fence so it just touches the blade and holding down a button to zero it out again. This simplifies things if you frequently change out blades, and works great for, say, recalibrating for a dado stack or setting up to use a jig or sacrificial fence.


It’ll measure in both metric and SAE — inches are displayed with fractions — and it’s accurate to +/- .002” per foot. It’ll also set you back about $150 (with free shipping) direct from Wixey.

Saw Fence Digital Readout [Wixey]


2 Responses to Wixey’s Saw Fence Digital Readout

  1. Mark says:

    Nice find! They have a bunch of related products on their website (http://www.wixey.com/products.html). I wish I had all of them.

  2. John says:

    I have this saw fence gauge as well as the Wixey tilt gauge and the Wixey planer gauge and I have to say – all the Wixey products are first rate. They really work and provide very exact accuracy. They have changed the way I work with wood!

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