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Trim Gauge

At first glance the Trim Gauge looks like a simple tool for repetitive measurements, but after a little reading, I was floored at the sheer number of applications for this tiny little tool. You can, for example, lock it in place to set the reveal of windows and door trim, adjust height of power tools, or transfer measurements. Unlock the thumbscrew and it’s a depth gauge, too. And it also features horizontal and vertical spirit levels (integrated into the back side) so you can check for level and plumb. Collapsing to four inches long, this multi-function tool fits easily in a tool pouch or pocket.

The ability to measure a standard 3/16″ window or door trim reveal is built into the tool: by simply butting the bottom of one of the long sides against jamb, the top side will overhang the jamb 3/16″ inches. To use the Trim Gauge for most other applications, simply pick your dimension and read one side for metric (or the other for imperial), and lock the sliding scale with the thumbscrew.

Examples of The Trim Gauge being used for plumb and level

Brumley Tools manufactures the Trim Gauge in two sizes: a four inch and an eight inch version. The 4 inch version sells for as little as $12.

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