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Freeplay Weza

When batteries finally die and you’re not near an outlet — and a full-sized gas generator is massive overkill — the Freeplay Weza offers a human-powered energy source. And it’s powerful enough to jump-start cars or power small- to mid-sized electronic devices like cell phones radios, and LED. lighting. Think of it as a back-up to your back-up.

The Weza comes with heavy duty jumper cables and provides power through a cigarette lighter-type power outlet. Your stepping action either powers devices directly or charges an internal maintenance-free 7 Ah lead-acid battery for use later.

Stepping alone provides between 25 and 40 watts depending on how hard you go at it. But if you’re lazy (and near power anyway), you can also charge the internal battery via a provided power adapter fed by standard 110/240 AC or any 12 to 21 volt DC source.

The best part, though is that Freeplay apparently believes in you. The Weza is designed to be user-serviced and even comes with a servicing tool kit. Hell, this looks perfect for natural disasters preparedness. Now you just need a spare $250. Maybe you could cancel your gym membership and spend time on this instead of the StairMaster.

Freeplay Weza [Freeplay Energy]
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4 Responses to Kick Start Damn Near Anything

  1. The nearest competition in this space is the bicycle generator, whether a purpose-built stationary bike or a clamp-in stand that attaches to your regular road machine. Either way, they’re not as portable as this, but I bet they work better.

    http://www.econvergence.net/electro.htm is one example.

  2. eschoendorff says:

    This is a neat idea…. I just wonder how long it takes to completely charge the battery by stepping alone.

  3. Rob says:

    This is a nice idea for those of us who are sometimes “remiss” in keeping those portable jump starters charged.

  4. Michael says:

    “I just wonder how long it takes to completely charge the battery by stepping alone.”

    Let’s see: (I might mess this up)

    Let’s say we kick at 36 watts (We can kick between 25 and 40, but 36 is easiest for the math).

    Ohm’s Law is our friend:

    36 W / 12V = 3 Amps

    If you kicked at that rate for 1 hour: 3 Amps x 1 hr = 3 Amp-Hours (Ah)

    The battery in the device is a 7 Ah 12 V battery, so:

    7 Ah / 3 = 2.33 hours.

    If the battery was flat dead, it would take 2.33 hours to bring it to full charge.

    That, to me, seems pretty cool. You could operate numerous small devices indefinitely with a device kike this.

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