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Kreg, best known for their pocket hole systems and easy to use jigs, is looking to make a name for themselves once again. Disengage your routers and brace yourselves — Kreg’s new precision router accesories are scheduled for an October 1st launch.

Beginners and advanced router users will appreciate that Kreg’s initial product lineup includes two router table designs to choose from: a full size table and a benchtop model. Not surprisingly, Kreg is also offering the major table components as standalone accessories — a move that will appeal to those who build their own tables.

The launch’s components of most interest are a precision router table-top, fence, and mounting plate. In case routers don’t strike your fancy, though, check out their precision measuring systems, which you can adapt for use with most work tables or stationary tools.

Kreg Precision Router System [Kreg]
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  1. Anything by Kreg is worth the money, I’ve been using Kregs products for a couple of years now and love them. There products have changed the way we work in our shop.

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