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Over at Buy.com you’ll find this 31-piece screwdriver set on sale for $10 — shipping included. So what types of cheap-ass, importedm no-name-branded screwdrivers do you get for your crisp Hamilton?

  • Six precision (miniature) drivers
  • Ten 1″ bits
  • Bit driver for 1″ bits, probably magnetic
  • One pick and one hook
  • Four slotted drivers
  • Four philips drivers
  • Two star drivers

Don’t worry — I only counted 29 tools as well. There’s a discrepancy between Buy.com’s description and the photos; it looks like there’s a 4-piece hook and loop set included instead of the two pieces advertised. The color coded handles on the full-size drivers make them ideal for toolbag storage — perfect for your vehiicle’s emergency tool kit.

31 Piece Screwdriver Set [Buy.com]


7 Responses to Dealmonger: A 31-Piece Screwdriver Set For $10

  1. koba says:

    Hate to be a stick in the mud, but take that same 10 bucks and go get a good set of basic drivers at your favorite quality tool place. Better yet, take 20 and get a similar set elsewhere that was made in America, has a lifetime warranty, and is made well enough that living with them for a lifetime seems bearable.

  2. I have to agree with koba on the cheap screwdriver thing. I’ve had the lot’sa screwdrivers for a few bucks bug before. I think I’ll just use them around the house; they don’t need to be good quality.

    Its amazing how little torque it takes the twist the blade of a cheap screwdriver or round out a phillips screwdriver. Not only that, but cheapo phillips sometimes come with a pointy tip. I don’t know in what universe this actually works, but I’ve had to grind the point off the phillips to get the tip to seat in the screw head.

    My favorite is when a company paints the head of the bit, to make it look like it’s a different material. Cough… Pittsburg Cough…

  3. eschoendorff says:

    What these guys said. As a former user of cheap screwdrivers…. they ain’t worth it. I’m getting too old to fool around with cheap stuff that might work or might end up injuring me…

  4. PutnamEco says:

    Re: cheap screwdrivers,

    I keep some around, to lend to people……. they don’t often ask to borrow tools again.

  5. Cheap screwdrivers do have their purposes. Way back when I graduated high school, my cousins gave me an intro tool kit which included some cheapo drivers that I used occasionally. Most of those drivers survived and now live in my car for non-essential tasks such as removing license plate screws.

    Would I use these as my everyday drivers? Most certainly not. But if I were compiling an introductory tool kit for someone or putting together another cheapo trunk kit, this is the kind of set I’d opt for.

  6. Mike lee says:

    Your 10 buck could buy a better set at a flea market. Although I have over 50 screwdrivers. I brought a set of craftmen(5) for under 10 bucks. Also, if it breaks, you can go to Sears and get a replacement.

  7. Dan says:

    There’s 31 “pieces” there.. 29 tools, then the case for the miniature screwdrivers, then the bit of plastic that the 1/4″ bits come in makes 31.

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