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TOOLClad Magnetic Covers

Your table saw is probably one of the most expensive tools in your shop, yet you end up throwing crap on it or using it as an ad-hoc work table when you’re not using it because it presents a convenient flat surface. Why not protect it from damage with a TOOLClad magnetic cover.

TOOLClad magnetic tool covers magnetically attach to your saw’s table so it won’t it won’t slide around as you use the table. It seals against the surface protecting against liquid spills and prevents rust from forming. It’s also thick enough to protect your saw table from dents if you’re using it as a (shudder) workbench. Printed on the cover is a wealth of information such as drill tables, formulas, protractor guides, and hardness charts. You can even write on it with a dry erase marker.

TOOLClad magnetic covers are also available for bandsaws and scrollsaws. And Modern Workbench Products sells the table saw magnetic cover for just $58. (Now think about what replacing your saw’s table would cost.)

TOOLClad Magnetic Tool Covers [Manufacturer]
TOOLClad Magnetic Tool Covers [Woodcraft] 


10 Responses to Protect Your Table Saw With A Magnetic Cover

  1. Joe says:

    Interesting idea, but for a lot less money, many people (myself incuded) use a piece of hardboard with a hardwood frame as an auxiliary saw topper. Total cost is around $10.

  2. nrChris says:

    I use wax paper in an ad hoc kind of way. Mostly for glue ups, but sometimes when I am just going to make a mess. The stuff is like $2 for a spool and its commonly available to boot.

  3. Yes I agree also that hardboard will protect your saw from physical damage for cheaper, but it won’t do jack to prevent rust and it can have a tendency to slide around. I still agree though that $58 is probably too much. These are pretty new, I’d watch for the price to drop in a while.

    Now what might work just as well is old magnetic signs. If you know a printer, or have one in you area, I’m sure they make mistakes printing the big magnetic signs that you put on trucks and buses for advertising. I bet they’d let those go for cheap or free. You might mot be able to find one as big, but if you found a few larger ones, they could probably do everything the TOOLClad will.

  4. Roscoe says:

    Wouldn’t a giant magnet stuck to a metal sawtop just promote rust? Seems like the moisture would get trapped and if you left it on for a long period of time you’d come back to a disaster. I like the hardboard top idea- combined with keeping the saw clean and oiled it’s an affordable, dependable solution.

  5. Rust is the oxidation of iron. In order for it to form you need oxygen. If you have a giant magnet stuck to your table (and both the magnet and the table are pretty smooth) no air can reach the table and no rust can form,even if the table was wet when you put the magnetic cover on it. That’s the theory anyway.

  6. Yuppers says:

    “In order for it to form you need oxygen. If you have a giant magnet stuck to your table (and both the magnet and the table are pretty smooth) no air can reach the table and no rust can form”

    The surface of the table and magnet are not perfectly flat, allowing for air (oxygen) to be trapped between the magnet and the table. You might reduce the amount of rust, but won’t stop it.

  7. Joe says:

    The frame I describe fits over the edges of the saw, so it doesn’t slide around at all.

    As for rust, have you ever seen how fast hardboard soaks up water? I can’t say it would prevent rust if you left it on for months at a time, but at that point why bother having a saw?

  8. OK, OK, I’m just trying to point out why this might be a good product… I’m just trying to give the manufacturer’s claims the benefit of the doubt. Personally I’m building the table saw workbench from WOOD Sept 2007, next time I get some quality time in my shop, which at the rate things are going for me might be next year sometime.


    I was just being hypothetical by the way, if you leave your table saw wet, high humidity and leaky pipes excepted, the shop police should come and take it away because you don’t deserve one.

  9. Brian says:

    I agree with Roscoe. Sounds like a really creative way to ensure you get a rusty table saw.

  10. Domes says:

    You should always keep the deck of the table oiled, or waxed, anyway, to prevent rust. As long as you do that, I don’t see how this product would damage your table saw.

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