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Long-time TM reader PutnamEco gave our Hot or Not? Utility Vehicles post a one-word response: hot — and added this professional-looking picture of his John Deere Gator 4×6 to the photo pool.

I have a friend who lost one of these, and misses it almost as much as his old dog. Of course, as fredboness says in comments, “Nothing runs like a Deere, but nothing smells like a john.”

Amen. Enjoy your gloves.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to Glove Winner: John Deere Gator 4×6 = Hot

  1. haider awfee says:

    Good evening

    I am manager of company white hand in Iraq and we need John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle or an equal item. to army U.S in iraq

    1. Engine and Electrical: Type-4 cycle gas, Ignition-Magneto, solid state 12V, Cylinders-2, Cooling-Air, Valving-Overhead valves, Horsepower-19, Displacement-675 cc, Lubrication-Full pressure lube, Oil filter-Screw-on filter, RPM, idle (no load)-1125 +/- 75, RPM, fast (no load)-3700 +/- 75, Air cleaner-Dry replaceable single element w/intake, Maximum torque-37.0 lb.-ft @ 2400 rpm, Battery-38 amp/hr, 340 cca, Headlights-Two 37.5 watt halogens, Muffler-Spark arresting, Alternator-16.6 amp regulated, Steering-Rack and pinion 2. Brakes: Type-Wet disk in transaxle, Park brake-Wet disk, hand operated 3. Tires: Front-Two 22.5×10.00-8, 2 PR hi-flotation, Rear-Four 25×12.00-9, 2 PR hi-flotation, tread type- Heavy Duty All Purpose (HDAP) 4. Weight: Including Fuel/Fluids – 493 kg 5. Dimensions: Seating capacity-2, Seat type-Professional high back, Front tread centers-1,270 mm, Height-1,108 mm, Width-1,525 mm, Length Without Bumper-2,689 mm, Length With Bumper-2,754 mm, Ground clearance-Under foot platform-250 mm, Ground clearance-Under transaxle-170 mm, Payload capacity-635 kg, Rear Tread Centers-1,220 mm, Towing capacity-635 kg, Turning clearance circle-7.5 m, Wheelbase-2,006 mm front to rear, 680 mm mid to rear 6. Cargo Box: Material-16 gauge steel, Capacity-454 kg, Depth-229 mm, Length-1,116 mm, Volume- 0.32 cu. m, Width-1,244 mm, Height above ground-660 mm, Tailgate-Hinged at bottom, removable 7. Fuel System: Capacity-20 L, Fuel consumption (approx.) at half load and average speed-2.27 L/hr, Fuel pump type-Pulse 8. Suspension: Front-Independent, spring over shock, single A-Arm, Total travel-127 mm, Rear Two high-flotation, low pressure tires (solid axles), Total travel N/A 9. Transmission: Type-Continuously variable transmission (CVT), Speed: 0-32 km/h forward, 0-31.4 km/h reverse, Drive belt-Spun top cog, 31.6 mm wide, Overall reduction ratio: Forward 17.79:1 Reverse 18.34:1, Bearings-Sealed bearings throughout, Axle-35 mm diameter forged, splined shaft, Differential Lock-Standard, hand-operated, Drive Chain-No. 60 industrial roller chain, Transaxle-Fully enclosed, oil bath, Gear Selection-Forward, reverse, neutral 10. Ground Pressure: Fully loaded vehicle: With 90kg operator only0.49 kg/cm (6.9 psi) front, 0.50 kg/cm (7.1 psi) rear

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