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If you’ve ever had trouble drawing two pieces of countertop together in a butt joint, you know how frustrating it can be — and how hard it can be to get a level joint. FastCap’s patented Qwikdraw countertop connector system claims to help with that in two ways: it facilitates drawing the two sides together, and it then allows you to securely fasten them in position.

The connector consists of a a set of optional clamp pads that attach to most bar clamps. FastCap offers two sizes of clamp pads available so you can get the size that fits best. At the end of the clamp pads you’ll find a groove that will securely hold the two sides of the Qwikdraw.


You begin by screwing in the edge screws on each side of the joint. Then you use your bar clamp (with pads attached to get good purchase on the countertop) and clamp them — and the two pieces of countertop along with them — together. Once everything’s pulled together nice and tight, align the countertops with each other and secure the whole thing by tightening the finger screws.

At $10 for the Qwikdraw — and $1 and $2 for the two sizes of clamp pads — it won’t break the bank

Qwikdraw [FastCap]
Qwikdraw Via Amazon [What’s this?]
Clamp Pad Via Amazon [What’s this?]


One Response to FastCap’s Qwikdraw Countertop Connector

  1. Mopardude says:

    What is this jig made of? I am skeptical that this would be better than the clamping bolts that are typically used. Also it looks like it takes up room leaving no place to add build up for additional support, is this made of something strong enough to replace buildup blocks? Also this jig flushes both pieces on the back side which I don’t think is so great because if both pieces aren’t perfectly the same thickness your going to have a lip on the top side of the top in my opinion.

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