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Traditional cutting and routing guides like this one only work when applied close to the edge of a workpiece and are not accurate enough for lenghty cuts. E. Emerson Tool Company’s All in One Clamp escapes these flaws: you can secure it on any surface with parallel opposite edges. To use it as a cutting guide, you can either push your tool directly alongside the sturdy straightedge or attach it to a separate jig that glides along the built-in T-track.

Aptly named, the All-In-One is highly versatile; it can switch roles from a cutting guide to a repositionable T-track in one minute, then become a fence the next. But although the All-In-One’s features make it suitable for use in any shop, Toolmongers with limited space and small budgets might find it especially useful. For example, guided by an All-In-One, a circular saw can make straight cuts with the precision of a tablesaw.


The basic model consists of an easy-to-use clamping mechanism and a top-side T-track, which accepts any number of manufactured or homemade jigs and stops. Emerson offers enough different clamp styles and accessories to keep everyone happy, including a twin-clamp style which provides a second set of upwards-facing jaws, a wider clamp style with dual T-tracks, and wide jaws as shown in the first image above.

Street pricing varies depending on the size of the clamp, but the sweet spot seems to be the 50″ flavor, with an average price of $35. Although E. Emerson Tool Co.’s site is still under construction, Rockler’s photo gallery has a few nice usage examples.

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3 Responses to An All-In-One Edge Clamp And Cutting Guide

  1. Steve Thompson says:

    Wow, this is really cool. I’ve been lusting after Festool’s circ saw/fence package for a long time, but I don’t really need another circ saw and $400+ (or whatever it is) is a LOT of money for a circ saw.

    I work from a wheelchair and find myself making long cuts but have to stop and move occasionally as I can only cut as long as my reach. I have a number of long fences, but really wanted a rail that the saw rides on to keep it from creeping away at the end of my reach. This fills the bill and looks pretty flexible for both my saw and router.

    I just wish they made one that could cut an 8′ piece of material.

  2. Steve Thompson says:

    Ask and you shall receive….

    It wasn’t on the Rockler site, but Amazon has a long one:


  3. Kurt says:

    HOT. It’s like festool-lite. Love it.

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