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So from the picture you’d probably guess that TM reader and photo pool member Simple Simon owns a lot of DeWalt tools. You’d be wrong.

Apparently DeWalt sponsored a TV show he worked for and offered a “set of tools that included one of everything DeWalt makes” as a prize. While he doesn’t even own that much DeWalt gear — “My own tools are mostly Bosch,” he says — he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to line it all up and take a picture for himself.

Why? Because a picture of a bunch of tools is freakin’ cool. That’s why.

And for totally reminding us that we’re not the only tool geeks out there who get our kicks out of things like this, we’re gonna send him a free pair of gloves.



7 Responses to Glove Winner: A True Toolmonger

  1. Christian Weagle says:

    That’s not everything – where are the tablesaw, miter saws, corded circ saw, cordless angle grinder, metal chop saw (and I’m sure more that I can’t think of right now)?

    Still a nice haul though!

  2. Ivan says:

    Until not long ago I had great respect for DeWalt. Until I was shopping around for tools and noticed that even DeWalt is made in China. Go figure, the brand that claims to be the best is probably made in the same factory as the cheap ass tools you can buy.
    Therefore I have made a stance that it just isn’t worth money anymore!
    I ‘d rather go for the cheapo and for the money I can buy a couple others if it breaks.
    Sorry guys.

  3. Mike lee says:

    DeWalt is owned by Black and Decker. So, if Black and Decker is made in China, so is Dewalt.

  4. It’s not necessarily true that Dewalt tools are manufactured wherever B&D tools are. Additionally, several companies may have different manufacturing locations for different tools.

    Some Bosch tools are made in China, others in Switzerland. Stanley has products made in the US, Mexico, England, China, Israel, and a few other vendors. Vise-Grips are made in the US, but their parent company, Irwin, manufactures tools in a various number of places.

  5. Ohiohead says:

    Good thread!

    DeWalt has some manufacturing in China, Taiwan, eastern Europe however a good chunk of stuff is coming out south of the border in Mexico! The quality is better and you do not have to worry (as bad) about “direct” copying of your intellectual properties, etc.

    Please do not forget that Makita, Hitachi, Milwaukee and Bosch have also eliminated US or Western European manufacturing centers in favor of “lower cost” countries such as the ones referenced above.


  6. Ben says:

    Almost everything is made overseas these days, but if the manufacturing is up to par and the tool is of excellent quality, what’s the big deal about where it’s made? A DeWalt product made in China will always be of superior quality to any of the junk tools Harbor Freight sells that are also made in China. Factories in China contract with different manufacturers and build things to their specifications, and DeWalt has much higher manufacturing quality standards than lots of budget brands, including Black and Decker. I think it’s fair to say that today’s professional quality tools are the best ever made.

  7. Ivan says:

    But does it contain lead, that’s the latest question? =))

    I know they all do it. That’s part of the greed on both the consumer as business market. Public companies are being pressured by the stock market to get higher and higher gains. Therefore, they can only shave off here and there until searching for lower priced labor market.
    On the other hand, the consumers are as guilty as well for wanting it cheaper and cheaper!

    My mom, a farmer woman, always said. You should be happy with what you have! Honestly, we are shooting in our own foot sooner or later.

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