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Shop Fox W1734

Most downdraft work tables are huge industrial installations that cost big bucks, but the Shop Fox downdraft table is better suited for a home shop environment. This thing really sucks — and I mean that in the best possible way. Just attach it to your dust collection system — or just a shot vacuum — and it creates a powerful downdraft around your work, keeping your work area dust-free.

Shop Fox offers a 15″ X 25″ as well as a 20″ X 40″ version, but it’s  the smaller one that features a 2-1/2′ hookup common to shop vacuums. Once it’s hooked up, any dust, smoke, or fumes are drawn out through the slits in the nonslip feet and work surface; internal baffles maximize air outflow. I’ve been sharpening my soldering skills this week and wish i had one of these – breathing solder fumes is bad. 

I can’t help but feel that I could make something similar to this, but for around $130 it’s tempting to just buy one.

Note: Google products only has one listing so below is a link to a Google search with a many more results.

Fox Downdraft table [Woodstock International]
Google Search [Google]
Link to PDF Manual [Woodstock International]


2 Responses to A Reasonably Priced And Sized Downdraft Table

  1. Mark says:

    You are right, it is probably not hard to build one. A quick google search came up with this pretty sweet (but more than 1 weekend?) DIY:


  2. Dana Caffrey says:

    This is great! My husband will definitely like this. And I believe this is not hard to build. Perfect! By the way, is this available in all hardware stores? Does it have a price?

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