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Felker practically invented the first diamond-impregnated saw blade back in 1924, but the military’s use of the blades during WWII to cut quartz frequency crystals for radios and walkie-talkies secured Felker’s place in history. So we’re not surprised to discover that their new Tile Master XL Plus High Production tile saw is pro-level gear that’ll cut pretty much any kind of tile, from granite and marble to ceramics and porcelain — up to 31” wide (22” if you’re cutting diagonally) and up to 3-3/4” thick.

It’s a wet saw, so Felker focused on improvements to the water delivery system to improve performance. Specifically, they included a heavy-duty water pump and thicker water hose to increase the volume of water it can deliver. It features a 1-1/2 hp motor that Felker claims is tough enough for production work, which drives the blade via a 6-groove poly V-belt. Felker says the poly belt additionally reduces vibration. There’s a cam adjuster to simplify adjusting the belt’s tension, and a bladeshaft lock makes blade changes easier and safer, also allowing you to perform spring-assisted plunge cuts.

The Tile Master has a galvanized pan below the 50% larger (than Felker’s previous model) cutting tray that resists rust.

At $1,200 on the street it’s probably overkill for hobbyists, but it’s the bomb for pros. And you can always look for it at the rental counter.

TM-1 Tile Master XL Plus [Felker]
Street Prices [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


5 Responses to Felker’s New/Improved Tile Master XL Plus

  1. Rob says:

    3-3/4″ thick! Wow!

  2. julio ubeda says:

    I am interesting in one felker tlie master XL .if you can let me now if there are available some one.

  3. Doug R Arnold says:

    Need to replace stolen felker tile master xl what is the total replacement cost? Saw stand,porcelain blade, and shipping to Dallas Texas would like next day delivery if possible

    • Kaycee Davis says:

      $475, with a diamond blade – which is what I assume you mean, but we only have three left at that price

  4. Ronnie says:

    Where can I buy the felker xl wet saw

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