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Narragansett Beer

While we can all debate our favorite brand, I doubt anyone would argue that beer-thrity never comes early enough on Friday. My favourite is an ice cooled Narragansett in a bottle — the same beer Robert Shaw knocked back with Richard Dreyfus and Roy Schneider on-board the Orca in Jaws. Besides its light, drinkable demeanor, Narragansett’s most endearing quality is its low price: $5 for a 6-pack and just under $10 for a $12-pack.

See? The dealmonger’s even looking out for you in post work activities. You’re welcome.

Dealmonger Beer [Narragansett Beer]


9 Responses to Dealmonger: Narragansett Beer, 6-Pack For $5

  1. TXMatti says:

    Bah! Expensive! Bet you drink it with your pinky pointing out. True bargain hunter goes for Lone Star, 12.49$ gets you a whole case of it. Just remeber to serve it “Texas cold!”.

  2. F451 says:

    Dark beer enthusiast here with my favor being Downtown Brown:


    Fat Tire is about as light as I go (unless it is an excellent “unfiltered” Hefeweizen) as I can get my wife to at least have a glass with me:


  3. Ohiohead says:

    Pabst Blue Ribbon “on sale” in Columbus = $3.49 for a 6 pack of 16 ounces “pounders”. This equals an 8 pack of beer for way less money!!!!

  4. I was pointing out a good, cheap beer, not beer flavoured water 🙂

  5. PJ says:

    near Philadelphia, the cheap beer is Lion’s Head, I think around $12-13 a case, haven’t bought it in awhile.

  6. T says:

    I pay $6.29 for a 6-packs of Bass Ale. I think the extra buck and change is worth it on taste grounds alone.

  7. Jim K. says:

    Man this post brought back some memories. I grew up living a few blocks away from the old Narragansett brewing plant. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like the stink of an industrial brewery on a hot summer day. Not pleasant. Funny thing is Narragansett was still the first beer I ever drank having gotten my hands on a case that “fell off the dock” before shipping. Ahh.. the good old days.

  8. thanks for the kudo’s. We would love to send you some gansett gear. please email us…


  9. Tracy says:

    I remember the Jaws reference well. I remember Quint crushing the can, and Hooper crushing his styrofoam cup trying to match him. I wonder if this is available here in Indiana? I’d try it. And Stephen, don’t knock PBR:-). I picked up a 12 pack a couple of years ago for 5 bucks, it was surprisingly good IMHO. Admittedly though, not great, just not the swill I’d always heard it was, and I’d drink it again. Like most of the other posters have pointed out, there’s good, inexpensive brands everywhere, but 5 bucks a 6 pack is reasonable. Maybe someday it will make it this far west and I’ll pick some up.

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