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I’ve been looking for a solution to help me move around smooth granite tiles while installing them. The Anver Hand Suction Cup that we reviewed previously might work, but I’m way too Toolmonger-cheap to spend $40 for it. But these mini-suction cup handles from Hawk might do the trick. They’re small (at 2-1/4”), but they’re strong enough to hang on to 50 pounds of tile or glass. 

I want to be able to use the suction cup on a tile that’s already stuck onto the mortar if I need to reposition them — or put a bit more thinset underneath, etc. To pick up the tile I would just squeeze the handle to create the suction, and then when I spread the handles apart, they would release.

They cups are made of natural rubber, with molded ABS handles, so they should last a while — assuming I don’t get mortar all over them. They claim that you can use them to pull dents from sheet metal as well, so I might need to give that a try before taking my ride to the paintless dent removal guy.

And considering that these street for just $6, I can’t go wrong. Oh — and that’s $6 for not one, but two suction cup handles.

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5 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: Mini Suction Cups

  1. Shawn says:

    I’ve got a pair of Harbor Frieght’s 4 1/2″ version. I bought them to move plate glass on a house but have used them for all sorts of things. My favorite use is moving file cabinets, instant handle. Very handy for the price, although I would not trust them for the full 50 punds with something fragile.

  2. tony clark says:

    i use one of these on the front door so my dad can shut the door from the outside. he is in a wheelchair.

  3. Craig says:

    I’ve used one of these to pull a few dents out of a car. You’re only going to be able to pull some pretty specific sizes and types of dents, but when you get lucky, it suddenly becomes the best $6 you ever spent.

  4. Eddie says:

    yea but can you spiderman\mission imposable\ james bond your way up a glass building with these?

  5. kyle says:

    in te bodyshop ther is actually a tool similar to this but is powered by a vacume pump and mounted on a slide hammer for pulling dents, but this suction cup my on ly work on dent not aused by lot of force, If it took 200lbs of force to cause the dent it will take 2oolbs of force to remove it.

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