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This kit was designed for those in earthquake prone areas who find that after even the most minimal tremor, their wall-mounted picture and poster frames are in need of some re-alignment. (Hell, I’m always straightening out my collection of prints, and I don’t even live in California.) With the kit’s magnetic insertion tool, you attach tiny double-ended nails to the back of the frame.  Then you press the nailed frame into the wall once it’s level. This holds the frame in place — even during an earthquake.

This kit works with regular picture hooks – since the hooks are necessary to actually hold up the frame. Once you move the frame around, the resultant holes left by the tiny nails are so small, they’re practically invisible — nothing that a coat of paint wouldn’t fill in.

The kit includes 20 nails (enough for 10 pictures), a small level, and the aforementioned insertion tool. The kit is available exclusively from Herrington’s catalog or website for $20. Extra nails are also available, costing $30 for a box of 100 nails.

Swan’s Way Earthquake Kit T242 [Herrington]


4 Responses to Shakin’ Like A Polaroid Picture

  1. F451 says:

    Not a bad idea, and I like Herrington. 3M makes some solutions as well (that will work with alloy or metal frames), but this is straightforward, and you get another tool to add to your collection!

  2. Brau says:

    Of course if you have some small finishing nails you can make these easily.

  3. Brau says:

    Another option: Glue a couple thumbtacks to the back of the frame. Don’t require a kit or special nails.

  4. Mike says:

    joe’s sticky stuff is cheaper

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