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Often the simplest designs are the best, and the Pak-Lite is about as simple as lights get: it’s a tiny package of circuitry and two LED lights that snaps to the top of a standard 9V battery to form an extremely useful little flashlight — perfect for when your giant sewer-pipe of a light won’t fit.

The Pak-Lite comes in several different versions: the most basic features a simple on/off switch controlling two high-intensity white LEDs and a glow-in-the-dark head. More advanced models employ various colors for different conditions. Red LEDs protect low-light vision, while blinking LEDs provide emergency signaling. They also offer a boating version with green and red lights for use as emergency marking lights.

The Pak-Lite Company claims a thirty hour run time on a normal alkaline battery, and 60+ hours on a lithium cell. Lithium batters have a ten year shelf life, so you can toss one of these in your glove box and forget about it until you need it. Hell, it might outlast your car.

Street pricing for the basic model starts at $10 while more advanced models run from $25 to $30.

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3 Responses to Little Size, Big Light

  1. These are pretty sweet, though “forget about it until you need it” is a problem. If you don’t use it or at least test it regularly, you’re likely to forget that it’s there even when the need arises.

    I repack my car toolbucket every month or three, checking dates on the first-aid supplies and making sure seasonally appropriate stuff is included. Knowing what you have and how to use it is just as important as having it.

    Personally, I keep a PALight in the glovebox, and it rocks for all the same reasons as the Pak-Lite, plus it has a lanyard loop.

  2. Fabian says:

    What a rip off.. get a cheap mini mag light for 10 bucks, it will last you forever.

  3. kyle says:

    That is prety neat I could make one cheaper

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