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I posted this a few days ago over on FullOnCustom, but apparently the car guys aren’t into work trucks. Here’s the deal: the exhaust system on my F150 — yep, the one in which we replaced the heater core a while back — is fine, but the chrome tips someone installed before I got it are so rusted through that they’re about to fall off. I’m happy with the exhaust system, so I just want to have some new tips tacked on.

What should I expect to pay for them, and do any of you have recommendations as to sources? Let me know, if you would, in comments — here or on FullOnCustom.

Note: Yeah, that’s a stock photo. My F150 is a ’97 three-door with a camper shell — like I said, a work truck.

Reader Question: What Exhaust Tips For an F150 Work Truck? [FullOnCustom]


9 Responses to Reader Question: Help Me Find Exhaust Tips For My F150

  1. Jim K. says:

    Personally I’ve never bothered with tips on my truck. Straight through pipes are just fine. I have had them on a few of my other rides though. First thing I learned was to stay away from anything that wasn’t stainless. The other chrome stuff while cheaper just rusts out too fast. That said, there are a million options out there for stainless tips from all of the major manufacturers (Borla, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, etc.). Prices seem to range from about $30 to $85 or so depending on size, name brand, and look.

  2. PeterP says:

    Screw that. You should put some big-rig style stacks on it. That and the big horn over on Fulloncustom and you’ve got yourself a Truck, 😉

  3. jeff says:

    What’s the diameter of the pipe? How big of a tip do you want?

  4. F451 says:

    Try these guys:


    I’ve met with them, and like their shop, and their attitude. Family owned and operated: father and two sons; racing background.

  5. Justin says:

    I’ve always said stock sucks. The Magnaflow dual exhaust on my 2000 F150 was the best mod I did. I found somplace to order it for like $400… it was easy to install too except when I was cutting off the old pipes and had to go to the ER to get the shards out of my eye.
    Got a free paid of safety glasses to give away too?

  6. Blind says:

    Tips are silly. Just pull the old tip off and let the pipe itself stick out.

  7. fish says:

    is fulloncustom affiliated with toolmonger because ive been a toolmonger fan but just went onto fulloncustom. the layout and everything is the same except hot or not on there page is fly or why?. just wondering.

  8. Zathrus says:

    fish, if you scroll to the bottom of both pages you’ll see that they’re both owned by PostLab Media, LLC.

    See also: http://toolmonger.com/2007/09/10/win-a-pioneer-in-dash-dvdnav-system/

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