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Not content with a Nighthawk that’d been left outside long enough to rot and peel, TM reader and photo pool member tncook took on the project of bringing it back to life. He writes: “I replaced everything but the seat. The thwart, grab handles, seat drops, hole plugs, and small inserts in the ends are walnut. The gunwales and seat are ash. All the wood is finished with thinned pure tung oil.”

Thanks for sharing — and inspiring us — and enjoy your set of free work gloves.

And if any of you other Toolmongers out there have a cool recent project — or just want to show us your shop or latest tool unboxing — add just sign up with Flickr and add your photos to the pool. We’ll keep an eye out and slip our favorites some free gloves every now and then — until we run out. (And right now, that’s a way off.)

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


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