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Gerber 22-47188 Paraframe and Mini Paraframe Lockback Knife Set

Here’s a deal for all you Gerber knife fans: over at Amazon they’re offering this Gerber 22-47188 Paraframe II and Mini-Paraframe lockback knife set for $25 — with free shipping. The set includes the Paraframe II (3-1/2″ blade) and Mini-Paraframe (2-1/4″ blade), both equipped for single-handed opening. Both knives have stainless-steel handles, and are lightweight at 4.1 ounces and 1.4 ounces, respectively, with a 1-year limited warranty.

Paraframe [Gerber]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


12 Responses to Dealmonger: Gerber Paraframe Lockback Knife Set For $25

  1. Gene says:

    I just checked and the Amazon price is $30.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    Paraframe is a pretty nice knife, it is light. I got mine at Target and it came with a mini folding multi plier instead of the mini paraframe


  3. LDobie says:

    I have had the non serated blade version and have carried it for close to a year. Has worn in quite nicely, and only needed to be sharpened once so far. Fits well in my pocket as well.

  4. About two years ago I picked up a full-size paraframe and a “shortcut” keychain tool for $13 at Walmart. I doubt that one can still find such a set for that price, but I think $25 is still decent give its quality.

    In comparison to other knives, the opening pivot is a bit stiff, but it’s nothing too serious.

  5. Bowen says:

    I’ve had a couple of these and while they’re not bad I had some issues with unwanted closures. It might be a batch issue (I bought two identical models at the same time) but the liner lock engagement was iffy and prone to slip.

    This aside, the blades are nice and do keep an edge well, and the whole package is hard to beat for a light solid knife.

  6. Old Donn says:

    Saw these here and bought them. Not crazy about the big one, but the little one is handy, despite not having a serated blade.

  7. Check it out – purchase a Gerber Infiniti LED Task Light and get $15 off the $21 price of the Paraframe Knife set.


    That makes it a drop less than $20 for the knives and an LED flashlight. Add in $5.03 to get free super saver shipping. The flashlight is on sale today only so hurry up and order.

    The Paraframe knife set is linked to in the above post.

  8. bill says:

    just like putnameco i got mine at kmart in a “value pack” for $25 it came with a folding multitool and is ok my lock is fine but its incredably stiff to open and is kinda annoying multi tool i have not used mutch but is pritty durable mine is a half serated half strait and does not keep an edge for very long but its hard to sharpen and i doent do a very good job of it + i cut a lot of crap (heavy plastic wood and rope etc) seems like a good pack but on the smaller one i doent like that it does not have the kick bar.

  9. Stuart says:

    I too have had a bad time with my Paraframe II, although my Paraframe I is still a pleasure to use. The lock on the Paraframe II is REALLY stiff, which makes it impossible to open the knife single handedly, and tough to close even with two hands.

    After contacting Gerber, I was told to use a T8 torx driver to loosen up the knife pivot. That didn’t do much at all. Playing with the handle’s bolts helped a little bit, but one of the T7 heads stripped out. Overall, I think that maybe Gerber tried to use the same engineering as the Praframe I and it just didn’t scale up that well.

    Gerber did offer to replace the knife if I sent it back to them for warranty, but it seems that all Paraframe IIs suffer from the same stiff liner lock issues.

  10. Skylar says:

    It’s 20 dollars at either home depot or lowe’s right now, no shipping.

  11. bireee figgoh says:

    that is one damn ass sexy knife
    awesome price too

  12. Kris says:

    Idk what everyone’s talking about. I love the knife design but I wish mine was stiffer. The blade wobbles when it’s out and the only way to fix that is to tighten the main screw but they used a fucking Torque Screw and who the hell has one just laying around that small? So due to many attempts at using the wrong tool, it is stripped and would be extremely difficult to tighten.

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